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Felt to walk mouth

Man cloth, one in the view beautiful landscape, cautiously listen to, there is also the voice of waterfalls flowing water.Volume 1:The dint chapter 65 of Long Shen Yuan:Tie up MianIs very quick sky of Be getting blacker, Han Xiao returns to quickly passing time hole, led in a short while and suddenly listenned to a someone calling:"Little uncle Shi, little uncle Shi."The voice that attends to precious jade, this wench steps a cloud and mist to fly and lifts a food box in hand."Precious jade miss, I am here."Han Xiao puts to signal hint."Little uncle Shi, I come to send rice for you."Attend to precious jade to speed too urgently, Tory Burch Pumps the inborn energy consumes of many, flush red all over, pant noisily."How to is you, and dumb Nu?""That guy is lazy, so I came right away."Attend to the precious jade puts food box on the table, the town calmed down mind, sit on the chair, peep Han Xiao.Although is in the utter darkness environment, 2 people fix fairy magic the highest, so seeing is like daytime.Han Xiao peeps out him that special feature smiling face, must be this wench to miss oneself and coerce dumb Nu, she beats to send rice name to see himself/herself."Little uncle Shi, you at here stuffy not stuffy?""Is stuffy, you come to accompany me.""Somebody else just not come, the Gu male Gu female lets person is joke."Attend to precious jade heart,such as deer, to bump, pendency Fei red face."Do I stir you, which can allow you to come to this kind of bitterness place."Open a food box, three vegetableses one the soup is three white films, different from the meal in noon, think necessarily is attend to precious jade to exclusively boil to burn, and have a pot of wine."Ha ha, the dumb Nu is special to me to look after, there is wine to drink."What Han Xiao sounded out says.Attend to precious jade Jue to rise a mouth, way:"Being not a dumb Nu is me, the temple half day just makes in the afternoon."Finish saying, felt to walk mouth, ashamedly twist face toward other places."Forgot, had never taken wine to have."The way that attends to precious jade to soon disappoint.The Le finger of Han Xiao Yi keeps a thing ring to appear, immediately after a crystal cup flies out, "precious jade miss, you also come to drink, I take a jadeite butterfly cup for you.""I can not drink, way religion is disallow to drink, you are to formally work properly Xiao temple pupil, you can.""That I Don,t mention it."Han Xiao drinks the next wine and no wonder that attended to precious jade to buy wine to go to half day, originally what to find out is the best"the red flower concusses son to burn" in wine.The emotion one

""For seeking for you quiet of

understanding and work properly the great space of Xiao temple exists highest strength and have already worked properly all of your self - disciplines dint and fairy foetus fusion mutually, ha ha, the truth tells you, your absolute being is knowing has been already opened."Absolute being is knowing is the invisible information that the person is idea reads to send out to come."Thank a teacher cultivation."Don,t realize the truth humality:"Your fix the Shu of fairy to maneuver person and fairy is two boundaries, the making pill, doing of way religion spirit, chain machine, and strategies...etc., I can,t spread you again, so you could concentrate a method to the practicing moral teachings of ambition.""Xiao son sincerely Zun teacher life.""You stick down the way of meaningless space method formula for incantation, then go to quickly passing time hole and sit to close the tenth, with once learn of open a valley to counteract evil force to melt to remit run-through, can truely offer Tory Burch Flats a glimpse of the Mi of a method.""Still need to sit a pass?""For seeking for you quiet of, not is make you lifelessly sit."Do not realize the truth a person to sing to say with smile.", Know."Is half of two-hour period, don,t realize the truth person second floor meaningless space formula for incantation one word enoughly read out, the ocean ocean spreads more than 5,000 words, the Rao is Han Xiao is extremely clever, listen to 3 time just stick down.After being over, pay a farewell call don,t realize the truth a person, the dumb Nu gets he once wears bamboo grove, before is a 100 Zhang breadth of deep abyss, at the right moment separate into two slices of worlds with 100 Chinese foot Xias, the position of quickly passing time hole doesn,t calculate too high, the dumb Nu is an of two thick pine trees, Han Xiao as if a white line, flew into.The inside a table per chair, the stone bed puts at exact center, the elephant was someone to just once sweep, spotless.At noon, the dumb Nu delivers food, Han Xiao recited after finishing eating a time of open a valley to counteract evil force and meaningless space formula for incantation, feeling the spirit of in the mind is relaxed many, work properly a set pure clear, hence come out quickly passing time hole, appreciate circumferential landscape, wild flower

"Han Xiao knocks on door but goes into and salutes

Xiao, is the host is only pupil and finish respectfullly finish respect.Not realize the truth a person have been deliberating a self-discipline shortcut for these several days, let Han Xiao complete the wish of fixing the way quickly, because he feels that the day that his own Du thunder robs wasn,t much."Teacher, I came."Han Xiao knocks on door but goes into and salutes.Don,t realize the truth the ground of person is self-discipline to leave to work properly a big palace tory burch of Xiao temple ten inside ground, the south looks endless of mountain peak, the distance hopes to go, very small and distant white the smoke curl up, west the noodles is a slice of film bamboo grove, pure river water surrounds but leads and belong to lustration elegance of, two log cabin building at blue even stone up."The Xiao son formally spreads your second floor of way method today for teacher, tory burch on sale meaningless space."Do not realize the truth person is dish to sit cloud bed on, not not urgently slow way."Teacher, my beginning goes into the door of way method and gets into the state of meaningless space how could and so quickly.""Is early some, but will break extreme limit by your natural intelligence, the self-discipline is greatly of."Do not realize the truth a person not is say of polite remarks, just think an origin religion for several thousand years, way the method is great and deep, although only have 4 F,included creation, is the orthodox theory that continues sun moon and stars, the river sea sacred mountain, astrospace system.The way method first floor opens a valley to counteract evil force, second floor meaningless space, 3 F natural transmigration of soul, the 4 F nature and man unites as one, don,t realize the truth a person for several years with fix a method is heavy, comprehend deeper 1 F by oneself, press he he is parlance is a 5 F escape from the woes."Teacher, I will follow your old guidance Tory Burch Sandals to do.""H,m" don,t realize the truth a person to order:"The Xiao son knows Yao, several day you pair of way method the first floor controled ten to one, this was attributed to your born fairy foetus and power of

I ……" mountain hopes worshiping of concussion

tory burch sale spread your one more autonomy method Jue and return to every night self-discipline, three days wound leg will okay.""Uncle Shi, I ……" mountain hopes worshiping of concussion.There are words in Han Xiao understand his words, way:"I spread your method Jue and just cure your leg wound, can not promote your to fix for, so the effort that is unequal to self-discipline other groups stops worrying, if someone with this sees you for the Pan leave a religion, you directly pushed to go in my body."Finish saying, everybody sent a grain of Dan medicine, the Xuan pole and Xuan was empty pleased to hope an outside and looking at the Xuan cup goddess of flowers in the hand to shear."Although the goddess of flowers is shearing a hand at the Xuan cup,I spread your formula for incantation, still can make use of to deal with China purple sky of."Han Xiao keeps there are still several pieces in the thing ring work properly a machine, absolute being machine, but he can not all send a person a while, then say all of these babies are many year agos Be famous as to fix the thing Tory Burch Flats of fairyland, if the fairy righteousness that literally takes out to make use of, destroys the person of chain machine fame, that can lose more than gain.For example goddess of flowers, shearing is person is boundary the first An wonderful female Buddha refine of work properly a machine, have Tory Burch Sandals a little bit fixing of experience common sense fairies to all know."We walked and walked, not was bothering uncle Shi Zu to take a rest."The Xuan cup reads formula for incantation and shears goddess of flowers to conceal.Five Taoist priests pay a farewell call but go to, Han Xiao poured a silk to get empty to fall feeling.Was foolish in a short while, drank one cup tea, went to bed a rest.The sky is very quickly bright, the dumb Nu steps sword to fly and arouses Han Xiao, and putting to begin power to mean to don,t realize the truth a person has to see him.The dumb Nu is exclusively in attendance on don,t realize the truth person is living, although have no formally return go into work properly the Xiao temple lintel in the door,did not realize the truth a person to spread his method of many self - disciplines, dumb Nu 50 come year old, fixing the fairyland field already to wash Sui.The dumb Nu once sees Han