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Were still useful because of the informations of some for rents

very narrow thing to of street, those two sets are surrounded by the small advertisement of ATM then come into view.The reporter sees, these two set Atms on the hospital wall of inclined pond branch in the hospital of Lou Feng of this street northern side, the noodles north is toward the south.The reporter sees, these two the set ATM external appearances have been old old, and the outside doesn,t have general ATM a blocking of familiar outside plank.Is barren to hang on the wall like a boxes drawing, Tiffany Ring the machine has 2 to shoot to be like a head above.With road up some bank ATM ex- withdraw money of person the row rise long the brigade compare with, these two set machines are desolate many.The reporter observed a quarter over there and totally had 3 people to take money, the in the interval still came to 3 to stick small advertised.It Chanel flat ballet shoes gold is thus clear that, the machine is a normal machine, will never abandon.You can use is one thing, dare to use is an another matter.Withdraw money customer:Don,t dare to take large sum of money here"I at allied plentiful buy thing, money is getting notter enough, come over to take some money."A female kid who just finished taking money tells a reporter, " large sum of money can,t Chanel Camellia flats black take here.The person is too many, too miscellaneous.The back is that lead a way and have no a sense of security too much."For these stick full wall of small advertisement, this female kid said, oneself generally Chanel satin flats shoes would see two eyes, were still useful because of the informations of some for rents.And a person who is pasting up a small advertisement then tell a reporter, he of so sticks an advertisement in this place, is because of see "the other people also stick here".Supervisor is section:BE beginning to add for ATM to block plankExpose to the net friends, postal service savings bank in Suzhou is responsible for the Qi director of outdoor ATM to tell a reporter, bank be responsible for bank the net order of ATM, and be responsible for ordering to the net outside ATM to add Chao.The net orders outside ATM, is then resisted the silver company office in Suzhou by Guangzhou to be responsible for a maintenance.Later on, the reporter again contact ascended to resist the silver company office in Suzhou.Introduce according to the office maintenance is engineer Mr. Zhuo, they have already entered upon to handle this matter currently."Withdraw money machine for ATM to plus to block plank, do two light boxes.Presumably so after, small advertisement can,t stick full ATM surroundings".For the small advertisement, Jimmy Choo Open-Toe satin pump black Mr. Zhuo means it is also very helpless."We and the square administrator once negotiated,

"Someone pays attention to function

moneySuzhou is most simple Chanel satin flats shoes and crude ATM appearsThe light is bald to inset on the wall, there is no protection of measure, around Football Jerseys stick a full small advertisementYin snow Chuan Zhang Fa Xue, Ma Yi,In the ordinary people is eyes, the bank nature is a rich place, the bank equipments affirms Manolo Blahnik Diamond Football Jerseys Clasp Satin Pumps also more beautiful run a time.However, recently on some forum in Suzhou, a net friend stuck a few photographs, in the appearance, two set broken-down ATM(cash dispenser) be surrounded by the small advertisement, only and baldly inset on the wall, there is no protection measure, have a liking for to seem to be already to abandon.However, the hair is person said, the ATM still just in the use, be been called "the most simple and crude ATM machine in history in Suzhou" by the drama, net friend said, "see the wall that will vomit money for the first time"!The net friend delivers:ATM is inseting on the wall is surrounded by the small advertisementHair"the extension of Mou son" of person-net friend said, this ATM that is exposed was me personally see, can withdraw money, be located in some town in industrial park in Suzhou.In, the net friend still stuck two photographs, an among those pieces photograph up can clearly see two set Atms, however looking is very old old, and outside have no protection equipments, only and baldly inset in the wall, operation on the stage dirty vestige dust one, and on all sides sticking of ATM is full to is small to advertise.From the appearance, can see, these two MLB Jerseys set Atms belong to postal service Chanel black patent leather shoes in Suzhou to save.To this, still the net friend doubts these two set Atms to abandon in succession.Net Giuseppe Zanotti friend"Yao Ming is Yao" means Alexander Mcqueen that"ATM like this, and does someone dare Jimmy Choo Snakeskin Platform Slingback Silver to take money in the top?"Someone pays attention to function, the net friend pays attention to image.Net friend"the contented blessing adds blessing" mean, so ugly and dirty image, influence image in the city of Suzhou very much.Restore the spot:Although is very shabby really can also take moneyThe clues that provides according to the net Tiffany UK friend, the Jimmy Choo Snakeskin Platform Slingback Silver reporter is industrial park Lou Feng in Suzhou allied plentiful business square got off yesterday, all the way see, in addition to the crowd of Yves Saint Laurent Platform Pump the Xi Xi Rang Rang was closely a small advertisement.On Lanvin Shoes the wall, road noodles up, electric wire Gang up, male hand over to stand card up, male hand over the Tiffany Canada light box of standing the card advertisement up, eyes of and whole is small Louis Vuitton Shoes to advertise.The reporter goes east 200 meters, again along the lotus Feng road has been going north 200 meters is uniting an of plentiful square and inclined pond branch in the hospital of Lou Feng, is a

Before performing

third party be be a cow, incredibly want to arrange team of work a wife who share the other people.Do you have no wife by yourself?If other people thus say with you, will you not agree?After people Jing is education, pay some ashamedly lowly head.Zhang Nan Zhi Hui fights(Responsibility editor:Yellow sea)This particularly recruits a young girl to enter a theater to be engaged in Yin Hui performance to the husband and wife really shameless song and dance regimentIn Super Bowl Jerseys order to reap staggering profits, young husband and wife after the set sets up song and dance regiment, make use of the art performance as to carry on the performance of Yin Hui in the theater, the result double double gets Xing.Recently, the river Yin court reviews to knot this organization Yin Hui to perform a case and penalize accused by law person, Lyu Mou, imprisonment for a specific term a year and accused person Ju the some imprisonment for a specific term is nine months.Person, Lyu Mou, and husband Jus of accused are some to is all state person of Jiangsu, Lyu Mou a fondness for sang to dance since childhood, set up with husband set after getting married and conducted a song and dance regiment, recruited Na a few young and beautiful again have dance achievement bottom of the girl joins, although the job of husband Ju a certain chief, the program arranges in order, perform contents etc. concretely operate be all been responsible for by Lyu Mou.In September, this year, Lyu Mou is husband and wife arrive at river Yin, is introduced the name of using some well-known art regiment in Henan to arrive some village of river Yin to copy a theater performance by person.Before performing, accused person, Lyu Mou, tells the regiment actress, Zhang Mou, Xu Mou "performance want to open 1:00, expose more and jump Chanel Camellia Slippers Black stimulate 1:00".September 4, 5 days night, while copying theater performance, Lyu Mou leads Zhang Mou, slowly some is performing half-way to carry on the performance of Yin Hui, the spot the audience reach to more than 760 persons, are illegal accrual CNY is 1650 dollars for two days.The court thinks after taking up, the accused person, Lyu Mou, and Ju is some with make money for purpose, organize an actress to carry on the performance of Yin Hui in the public place, two accused person of the behavior all and indeed have already constituted to organize performance of Yin Hui, hence make by law above-mentioned verdict.Zhang Xun Han resides quick Xiao road if Yu(Responsibility editor:Yellow sea)The most simple and crude ATM in history in Suzhou appearsStill brave but not reckless before the most simple and crude ATM machine, of withdraw

"Have not talked well

want to work for him.Pay some generous promise.A period of time after, Wang Mou discovers a wife indeed as expected have a change to his attitude.For this, Wang Mou still especially the idea please pay some drink wine to mean a with gratitude.But a period of time after, Wang Mou discovers not in the right, pay some always hide him.The wife never delivers a message, now but take to begin a machine hair message every day, and still absolute being mysterious Mi of.A day evening, time multiply by wife is inattention, Wang Mou browsed a cuckoldry cellular phone, discovered inside all is with pay a some chat message, 2 people incredibly call each other by"husband", "wife" in the message.Wang Mou of the honesty annoys not to beat a , fight with wife.How does Wang Mou probably helplessly looking at other people to Tiffany Money Clip cuckold son for he or she.He immediately found out to pay again Cheap Christian Louboutin Shoes some.Pay some pour is generous to admit this affair, but is the wife of different idea and Wang Mou to rupture a relation and also to push the responsibility to Wang Mou is wife, say is she by herself would like to of, didn,t relate to with him.Wang Mou hates he or she is bring in dangerous foe.Later on, pay some incredibly and impartially make a phone call wife who seek Wang Mou, 2 people are Wang Mou is noodles to together pass in and out and basically take no cognizance Wang Mou is existence, Manolo Blahnik Wedding Shoes unit inside is also discussion in succession.Wang Mou really had no Zhe and had to pass mother-in-law to work.Pay a some wife under persuading of person in the home, finally mean and pay some rupture a relation.On the afternoon of December 12, Wang Mou takes a wife in a small hotel in the impregnable city town and pays some negotiation, request that paying is immediately some be over heel his cuckoldry to falsely is a relation.Pay some see Wang Mou is wife is on the side don,t talk language not, right away put forward:Rupturing the relation is impossible, Christian Louboutin Sandals but can promise hereafter don,t show off in the outside, however, Saturday and Sunday weekly, he has to want with foolish Wang Mou is wife together.Wang Mou Yi listenned to to fire and pulled a wife to walk and paid an a certain live their Ye:"Have not talked well, forbid to walk."2 people immediately pulled Chanel Black Leather Ankle Boots and dragged.Pay some be pushed over on the ground by Wang Mou, pay some immediately picked up a cellular phone to report to the police:"I not heel your useless talk, I make the police come to teach you."Pay some at arrive after hearing the news of people the Jing in front greatly tell hard water and said to be beaten.But after understanding, people Jing is in distress situation: you this

Very quick acquainted with with the colleague of new unit

whether science and whether should establish the problem of decelerating the marking in the turn, people Jing means that the feedback carries on an investigation for related section.>>Return to putHalf Chanel Shoes month previous"inebriate Audi" falls to riverOn the dawn of November 30, the sea Dian area thistle bridge bridge in the door north, on these grounds time matter hair the ground is several ten meters distance, an Audi A6 sedanses that follows college road to drive, prepare up the bridge bump to break a safety barrier to"fly" into small month river.After going into water, 3 people inside the car immediately flee for life and climb to a car crest to wait for rescue.The fire fight member breaks a river bank railing to dismantle and installs horizontal steps to save 3 people to go ashore.Through examination, the driver belongs to drunk with wine motoring.(Is detailed to see origin to report to eyewitness a version Manolo Blahnik Diamond Clasp Satin Pumps on December 1)(Responsibility editor:Ma Tao )"Negotiation" to share other people is wife to encounter to refuse to unexpectedly report to the police to ask for helpThe man who works in the gold altar pays some clearly is a third party to gain a place, but he incredibly reason keep spirit strong the ground request weekly and share for other people is wife is two Cheap NFL Jerseys dayseses.The other party doesn,t promise, he unexpectedly dares to also make a phone call to report to the police.Pay some is person Chanel white patent leather shoes in Anhui, have been doing a part-time job in the gold altar, have been 40 years old this year, get married for several years, there is also a 15-year-old son.But pay some nothing important culture, also have no a skill, can depend Tiffany Jewelry to beat short work to make a living.This May, he changed an unit again and went to work in a chemical engineering factory.Because his mouth is very sweet, again a good talker, very quick acquainted with with the colleague of new unit.In the new unit, with pay some talk most of come of is Wang Mou.Wang Mou age with pay some about old, is also person in Anhui, although is silent,BE honest, 2 people still have a common fondness for, be like to drink to order small wine every day.2 people seek a small hotel lane to order small wine after usually getting off work.Every time drinks, Wang Mou greatly tells hard water, although oneself is wife is very able, be don,t like him Salvatore Ferragamo silent personality, always loudly appeal to the public to him in the home small call of, and still always be the kid is noodles teach him and let him have no face very much.Pay some in addition to comforting him, also greatly talk to ownly control the wife of way.Wang Mou requests that paying is some to do cuckoldry to think to

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36027963******"Not Kui is six class demon monster

expects real strenght!!""Two turn to unite as one!"Lin Yang chases the third, the second spirit vein again break out, pubic region leaves to burnablely work properly to blaze like fire."!"The fire Zong can not avoid being seen at all, the whole huge body is vacillating in the sky, basically Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes can,t see Lin Yang is figure, sees fire Zong continuously along with,Peng Peng,voice a segment per segment dynasty the sky ascension, jimmy choo sale finally at thousand meters go to Gao of the sky dropped down and hit an of grounds 100 meter deep big pit, lie at underneath painful of struggle, then cut up rough to fly toward Lin Yang.The fire Zong starts to burn crary flame all over, it double the eye burst out strong intention to murder.A spool of chapter 40 accepts a fire ZongExchanges:36027963******"Not Kui is six class demon monster, just I that several boxings perhaps don,t descend to turn a baby to expect real strenght and have never thought to just bring a little injury to its body!"Lin Yang faces the fire Zong of whole body combustion bright fire, he just completely knows five classes at the moment with six class demon the difference of the monster.Distance, the Hong celebrates quilt Lin Yang uncanny attack completely shock, dark way in heart:"Unexpectedly Lin Yang is real strenght conceals so deeply and expect to be strong after moving is turning of a Class the baby with Kun at least!"The surroundings one touches eyes shocking, continuously come out dust from the ruins, make up the whole of sky.The fire Zong body slowly narrows and about arrives the half of original physical volume and have a liking for go to or still need to strengthen than the fierce tiger some, fire Zong red skin as if the jade sort is smooth, it is small and soft to stare at Lin Yang Dao:"This person speed is too quick, the true fire can not deal with him, the real strenght is again strong, too damned, seem only recruit with that!"The fire Zong calms down quiet afloat in the sky, slowly open a mouth, black strength moment jet, form huge eddy-like in shape, Tiffany Jewellery Lin Yang of Ling Li is in mid air suddenly drive black whirlpool overlay, Lin Yang facial expression abnormality Jimmy Choo Sandals shocked, because he discovers surrounding space being completely overalied by the black whirlpool, pen him completely in the whirlpool."Shout!"A true fire is from the fire Zong jet in the mouth, don,t stop to revolve to make a pounce upon Lin Yang in the black whirlpool."If be shot and then bother!"Lin Yang shoots whole jimmy choo shoes body strength at 1:00, can not escape from from the black whirlpool, urgently and every moment, Lin Yang had to chase true fire puppet evocable, block in front of the body."Bomb!"All true fires are completely inhaled body by the true fire puppet inside, Lin Yang has narrow escape from death on the whole and immediately takes out Long Xiang Jian and flies to go out from the black whirlpool among them and immediately true dollar all infusions, the true fire puppet also in a twinkling disappeared.The fire Zong flutters brain bag:"He unexpectedly has the magic weapon the true fire that can absorb me!"Lin Yang lays up Long Xiang Jian, this it is thus clear that, the soul dint slowly spreads out, six stars fly knife brilliant but, together brush ground to fly toward fire Zong."Lin Yang incredibly has six in the article work properly a machine!!"Hide in the Hong of dark place to celebrate to peep out a shocked Tiffany Jewelry facial expression.For be like him thus of fix true to say, almost can own low grade to work properly a machine and hardly have medium the article Jimmy Choo H&M work properly a machine, can Lin Yang unexpectedly have six in the article work properly a machine!"Bomb!!!"Empty vulture skill the moment make a show of in the marvellous sky.The fire Zong is completely flown knife by six stars to tie up, it is frightened to avoid to fly knife, after all fly knife is medium the article work properly a machine, it though six Jimmy Choo Pumps class demon monster, but don,t dare as well to easily use body to fly knife to bang.Then, make the fire Zong completely has never thought of BE, six stars flying knife unexpectedly can not make him easily jimmy choo move and seem someone is controling them, accurate intercept and carry on an attack, the fire Zong has no way to release true fire in the so short moment and fly knife speed

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"These are Lin Shuang and the understanding process of of "X"

has no target, but in that moment, Lin Shuang found out a real target.Just believe don,t end."Supplementary package in the envelope is the gift that I send to you, also mean that the sincerity that I cooperate with you hopes that you can match with me, I will contact again yours.-X"See here, Lin Shuang opened the package for taking, but at open of moment, a strong cold idea releases but, what Lin Shuang could tory burch not help shivered for a while, he shockedly and slowly of took out that product from the package.Unexpectedly is a hilt of a sword, only have hilt of a sword but have no sword body, even if is to in brief hold, Lin Shuang can feel in the sword deeply the in fine threads cold idea of , the package inside still takes a small"this is that I send one your gift, the only a saint machine collected by me,ice Tory Burch Slippers soul evil sword,, hope that you can like."These are Lin Shuang and the understanding process of of "X", Lin Shuang thoughts of each time ability all from in smell one silk not in the right, always feel to seem"X" has what other purposes is making use of himself/herself.Just as long as canning save a younger brother, which afraid is killed him again no harm?Lin Shuang takes a leather bag and pays by card into own villa, in fact in spite of proceed from what purpose, "X" is really helping Lin Shuang with all strength now, Lin Shuang in spite of arrive where, will help Lin Shuang to arrange in advance delicious live, but this villa is exactly "X".Lin Shuang after entering the house quickly walks to own room, opened the computer of table.After the computer switched on, Lin Shuang received a thing of similar electricity gun computer tory burch shoes up, wait until to give or get an electric shock a gun really after switching on electricity, Lin Shuang takes an electricity gun to toward the leather bag that"X" mails and lightly shot for a while, hear "beep" of a , the of the leather bag unexpectedly opened."X" gives for prevent°froming mailing to reveal for Lin Shuang is mail Lin Shuang is leather bag on the 1 F special lock, if need not this method can not open a document through a , but if want to be strong line of to open, will touch to run into to conceal in the leather bag of organization, all documents will immediately be destroyed.So this kind of corresponds by letter a means absolute safety.Lin Shuang is from the leather bag slowly of took out thing, the inside is a CD and a heap of data, there is unexpectedly also ID card.Lin Shuang Zhou the eyebrows looking at these things, he inserted the CD to a computer and led a short while to read the interface of CD to appear an interface that inputs a

And the only firearms in ten saint machines

-blooded cutthroat, this news, don,t already cut up rough, the decision Pan organizes!!!"A spool of betrayer chapter 4 cutthroat university student?Looking at this detailed data, even tory burch cheap if Lin Shuang doesn,t believe nor go again, from the small time for oneself until the reason of the betrayal organization, all row of detailed in detail thin, this lets the doubt that Lin Shuang cans not help rise the identity of "X" and is just this to be just a letter, isn,t a person, so Lin Shuang Zhi could choose to continuously keep on seeing at that time."The data that sees a top, you should believe me, so you listen to my arrangement, I have younger brother and lover is resurrection that the way lets you."While seeing this sentence, Lin Shuang is heart imitated a Buddha to bring about an one situation full of peril, Lin Shuang loves most from cradle to the grave of two close relatives be all "put out" organization to harm dead, if can have opportunity to let the younger brother brings to life, he would like to pay an everything!But this mysterious"X" make him re- have a hope, how this isn,t excited?",Put out,organization of the real purpose is a collections to scatter here in the world of ten kind saint machine, these ten kind saint the machine Be similar to all have the ability to go against a sky each time, but the subsidiary elucidation of these ten kind saint machines, will on the enclosure of letter behind, your contact methods are still all arranged by me, behind have me to your gift, hope our cooperation delectation."See here, Lin Shuang already basic accept the proposal of this mysterious"X", as long as canning make younger brother and lover bring to life, which sacrificing oneselfs is afraid don,t relate to, connect down Ling Tian letter behind of the enclosure, pick up, start reading."Night Wang Sheng Qi, the rumours are ten saint machines left by king of night, there are total of five weapons, five treasure things, the following will do simple introduction to ten saint machines.Five weapons are ice souls respectively sword, the strong knife dynasty sun, ground falsely gun, Suo life sickle, and the only firearms in ten saint machines, the Zhi ้ดท fire gun.These five weapons are arbitrarily a fall where afraid is the common run of people of will have endless power in hand, just more remarkable is five remaining treasure things, certainly is also the thing that you need most .Deathless ring Sangraal indicates that the rumours own to make people foresee future ability, , owning can acquire not old deathless ability, the jade Ji lives Dan, instauration magic weapon, as long as the person, who acquire, is subjected to the how heavy injury can resume and converse a pocket-watch, can control Tory Burch Pumps time inside the district to flow back."Although the effect of ten saint machines is astonishing,the effect of ten saint machines reads here, Lin Shuang pours to still have no felling, till the time that sees till the last a saint machine, Lin Shuang in a twinkling feels that an impact bumps the heart that the shot wears Lin Shuang.It even was the youth is hands to all shiver."The transmigration of soul jade owns ability of come back from the brink of death, which afraid is ash to fly smoke to put out, can also completely return to life, and own can additionally own a two death opportunity."Is this!!Lin Shuang sees the moment of transmigration of soul jade understand to save the way of living he or she is younger brother, as long as finding out transmigration of soul jade and then canning let oneself is the loverses all bring to life, Lin Shuang of the original Pan organization

Lin Shuang didn

held the hilt of a sword in ice blue to only hold, the look in the eyes became icy cold once again, "and I swear!I want,put out,to you do of, the returning of a hundredfold tory burch on sale is to them!"The youth is tiny tiny on acrossing, the body acrossed in the motor, then several voices for launching ring, the motor in black slowly of disappearance at empty concuss of street......The place that Lin Shuang resides temporarily is a suburban area strange position, have no due to being a suburban area here how much person live, but Lin Shuang lives in a more upscale villa area.Lin Shuang towardsed the electronics door of villa doorway to do a video frequency attestation, the electronics door self-consciously opened and opened mailbox before Lin Shuang enters house, in have the thing that a leather bag packs, but leather bag up write"consignee:Lin Shuang sends a person:X"Lin Shuang didn,t hesitate and took out a leather bag, still kept being full of to don,t understand in the heart, because the person who is called X is exactly to have been providing Lin Shuang with the informant concerning putting out organization and ten saint machines, but never tory burch on sale make Lin Shuang know his/her own true identity.After Pan organized, Lin Shuang was made track for by built-up fieriness to kill, lost built-up asylum, Lin Shuang Zhi can escape road with fighting, but one day, a stranger passes to he is a letter.When Lin Shuang opens that letter, Lin Shuang is getting more shocked, make Lin Shuang have to keep on seeing"Lin Shuang, I know your everything.And I would like to help you."Know own everything?Lin Shuang didn,t believe at that time, but he still kept deciding to continue to keep on seeing, just be saw nether statement, Lin Shuang thoroughly believed the person is immensely resourceful that was called "X"."Lin Shuang, the age is 18 years old, there is own younger brother, Lin Shi, , since the childhood released with younger brother is wood be left to fall street, accidental drive,put out,organization keep and raise, as a cutthroat development, at the age of 15, younger brother is wood released because a task, fall in action, from that time on the personality becomes cold heartless.At at the age of 16 , hear,put out,organize the strongest of ten murdered one of the absolute beings of,butcher islandered oneself is younger brother, cut up rough to make Tory Burch Flats moves, more the class killed,butcher,and replaced ten of absolute being of murderings.At at the age of 17 , and oneself nearby of maid the blue Xin fell in love and intented break out of the organization was organized to discover, sentenced to death blue Xin.And before being 18 years old, being also a month, pay no attention the death that gets a younger brother drive organization can with the arrangement, for making oneself become thoroughly cold

After hanging a telephone

eyes to looking at me..Because you aren,t basically understand what be called despair.."Lin Shuang was towarded to big Peng to speak such a words chillily, seemed to he says of, and then seem to say to oneself.Finish saying, Lin Shuang once turned round to slowly leave confusing bar, left to still squat tory burch sale down to sit on the ground of at the big Peng.Hope that Azrael to slowly leave, still dare not believe at the big Peng of looking at his/her own body..I lived down!I live down, "I unexpectedly live down!Ha ha ha!"The dreary confusing bar is all ruins that fights behind everywhere at the moment, leaving crary laughter is at the big Peng........Lin Shuang turned round to walk into a beard after lifting the trunk of USD 50,000,000 leave confusing bar inside together, but in the beard together in is stopping a motorcycle, black of carriage and youth of the black attire so mutually Chen, Lin Shuang put the leather suitcase to motorcycle carriage after of the rear seat fix like.Then took out a cellular phone from the pocket.Dialed a number.Being different will connect and spread a voice for once handling from the another part of telephone, that voice is an electronics voice, can not judge men and women at all."Ice soul how Azrael, did the thing get hold of?"Ice soul Azrael, Lin Shuang once still kept putting out the time of organizing the cutthroat the code called by other people, described Lin Shuang of cold heartless, heard asking of the other party words, Lin Shuang answered a way chillily:"Boon, the thing got hold of, but was false."The Lin Shuang is answer simple and direct Jing does, "."The answer that hears Lin Shuang in front imitates a Buddha to have no the slightest of accident, then say:"It doesn,t matter, original ten saint machines be not so easily find out, is falsely also normal, you don,t also so lose, to I again arrived lately news concerning saint machine and had already faxed to you, you went home and saw, change place."Lin Shuang just in brief of a , then then buttonned up a telephone, after hanging a telephone, Lin Shuang looked up at sky to deeply sigh tone, but this time, Ling Tian took out that from the pocket false of the jade box of "transmigration of soul jade", looking at that, in Ling Tian is look in the eyes unexpectedly and deeply in fine threads gentleness, if just saw a youth will have at the big Peng thus gentle and soft look in the eyes absolutely can,t believe.Lin Shuang looking at the jade box in the hand and mutters a way:"Younger brother, blue Xin, I will definitely find out transmigration of soul jade, then let you bring to life of, believe me."Make reference to here, Lin Shuang

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Seemed to predict pensively what affair of occurrence

Is a spool of:City love fate chapter 1:The Dian of Mount TaishanPS:"Read necessarily see before the book:Someone says anterior chapter leading role too woman, particularly hopes to still need to hint for a while, according to the circumstance, traversed breeze to just descend mountain, have some kids, temperament naturally, this is very normal, otherwise not ability outstanding behind of growth process.Behind of Ling Feng not at indecisive, more is impetuous.Hope everyones support much and more, behind of you will definitely like of, believe You Xi, remember that the fresh flowers sends up!"The Dian of Mount Taishan, the front-line first sun rays in the morning becomes to°from the dark ash thin Huang and becomes to°from thin Huang orange and red again.But cloud of the sky, red and purple hand over Hui, volatile, cover with the boundless sea of clouds of roseate clouds and the horizon to merge into an integral whole, as if huge the oil painting is from the sky but decline.Float the sea surface of magnificent gold up, the day round uncovered cloud act and lifted a Xia debt and was covered with multicolored secondary rainbow clothes, the elephant was a palace lantern for drifting, gradually rose in the horizon, in a moment, golden light four shoot, the group of mountain peaks to the utmost dyes, once the Zha see, a gold Long Heng Be empty to start to float, but that on, stand erect a youth of determination, but see his double the eyes close tightly, a white dress is in the breeze shout to make ring.One person is one dragon imitates the world that the Buddha has already generally existed, and then imitates a Buddha from creation of the world thou of dish to see a myth of the abyss of time.In the passage, time is the sky of the gorgeous Xia gradually illuminated the earth.Youth double the eyes Be tiny to open, in the Mou bloom a Jing long grass continuously, Be tended to equanimity later on, imitate if a Wang is calm of lake water, more if that precipitate for thousand years of lonesome.He isn,t other people, exactly Chen Xing is son Chen Ling Feng, 20 year agos are taken too much without the regrets teacher of infant, also grow up at present of thus high big handsome."Breeze son, it is time to have a meal!"The Dian of Mount Taishan spreads one to call inside a long history ancient An."Teacher, I came!"Chen Ling Feng hears, tiny tiny on smiling, that imitates in the look in the eyes if quiet lake water concusses one in fine threads ripples."Absolute being dragon, you return to!"Chen Ling Feng from number Zhang of the air leap but descend and also bear in mind constantly of to that golden of the absolute being order dragon is way:"Remember the secret that don,t forget to tell me that you promised me yesterday!"That absolute being Long Fang Fo can understand an ordering of sort to nod and disappear over there ten thousand later on Zhang Xia light in."Absolute being dragon really hopes that you can bring me some surprise!"The youth forgets ten thousand Zhang Xias of horizon only the Rang Rang from the language."Breeze son, how do you Tory Burch Peep Toes still don,t come back!"The voice in the An again presses that thou."Come!"Chen Ling Feng towardsed horizon to expose from love of smiling face, the disappearance is at first later on.The time that again appears is already a thou An inside.Inside the thou An, two Taoist priestesses have already sat upright before table and put a few fine vegetarian dish on the table and look delicious tasty, don,t say, only these vegetableses have already let Chen Ling Feng from the language:Delicious good dinner."Hey Hey, teacher, how?My effort has been already made progress?"Chen Ling Feng is towarding has already sat upright before table of two Taoist priestess Hey Hey a smile."Smelly boy, the effort is to make progress, but the temperament didn,t make progress and got angry for teacher really doing not know being shoulding be happy still the!"The age largish Taoist priestess comforts of say with smile, she call without the regrets teacher too, 20 year agos, Chen Xing entrusts Chen Ling Feng in her.The in a flash of time, if the time is in a split second, like the first for 20 years, the in the moment handsome youth is exactly the infant of 20 year agos."Teacher, you how to say Tu son like this, the temperament is to whet to do out!Who let teacher you are so painful I!"Chen Ling Feng Xi says with a smile and stretches hand and then starts to grasp the small vegetables in the disc to go toward to put to go in mouth, the side eats to return the side Rang Rang:"Is alas, the teacher does of vegetables be delicious.Whole life I the vegetables of non- teacher don,t eat!"Without regrets teacher too one Leng, the complexion is tiny tiny on changing, quickly say:"Silly kid, delicious eat more point!"The Taoist priestess that"to to, eat more point, hereafter perhaps ……" hasn,t been opening mouth say, to the utmost don,t give up in the look in the eyes."E ……what mean?"Chen Ling Feng swallowed to swallow saliva to ask a way.Seemed to predict pensively what affair of occurrence."Silly kid, nothing important matter.Eat vegetables quickly!"Without regrets teacher too facial expression a panic, saying of haste."!"Chen Ling Feng is eyebrows tightly and wrinkly in response to the way.But, mental but always feel very strange, how were today is two teachers ?The heart is very strange, but hand and mouth the slightest didn,t stop over and destroyed breeze to sweep defoliation, the meal on the table soon drive he a sweep but light."Teacher tells you the good news!"Chen Ling Feng put on to put on mouth and said with smile:"My male Sun Jian is table has already broken the fifth to weigh today!""Breeze son really feels joy for you for teacher!"Without regrets teacher too the facial expression smiled to smile.Towarded Chen Ling Feng to recruit to beckon with the hand, said:"The breeze son comes over, sits a teacher flank and says for teacher hasing words to you!""Good!"Chen Ling Feng is a jump up to sit to without regrets teacher too of a side."Breeze son, do you know what day today is?"Smiles too much without the regrets teacher of say."Today?"Chen Ling Feng is one Leng was small and soft to think along while, helplessly shook head a way:"Teacher, the Tu son doesn,t know!""Yes, you really don,t know, time in a flash 20 years.20 today year agoses you are still a newborn kid, but at present, have already suddenly been an adult.Teacher I ……I ……"teacher too say to say, eyes inside tears was full of eye socket."Teacher, what is the matter with you?How to cry!"Chen Ling Feng is one Leng hasn,t seen the teacher once cry, being exactly how today?Quickly favour the teacher wipe to fix attention on tears."Have no ……Be free, for teacher I am happy.Unexpectedly tory burch discount our breeze sons were so greatly unexpectedly long!"Wipe to fix attention on tears too much without the regrets teacher, happily say:"The breeze son is like this this sort age, but has capability, it is really happy to is a teacher!""Teacher, do you exactly want to say what?"The hasty way of Chen Ling Feng.He always feels teacher the words today seems ……"Breeze son, it has been 20 years since you climbed mountain and accompany to spend 20 sad yearses for teacher.Is really difficult you!"The words that has no direct answer Chen Ling Feng too much without the regrets teacher, she comfort of took a look Chen Ling Feng, continue to say:"20 year agos, you are still a newborn kid ah, alas ……""Teacher, Tu son originally have no the father have no mother, teacher bring up I 20 years just call pain."Chen Ling Feng appreciates of make reference to, thought of oneself have no the father have no mother and only brought up for his/her own 20 years with the teacher, which

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T notice the look in the eyes of leaf is maple

measure for a while..!"Cachinnation later on of Ma Long, resumed the dignity in the past days, was just the smile that that head quarter pays no attention for a while, explain the old man is heart, at least really happy at this time."Boon!"Leaf is maple ordered to nod, sat to nearby, Ma Long didn,t directly ask oneself inquisitive question, a silk smile hangs by the side of the mouth, Ma Long hope to still reveal delight, respect of ask a way" grandfather!I call like this you, you don,t mind?""Do not mind!Am I still very happy?The white picks up a daughter is grandson and also has so real strenght, am I still happy too late?Is how can angry?"Ma Long is very happy, the way of Rang Rang of horselaugh."That I have a little an affair to want to ask a grandfather, you don,t want not love to listen to, also not want to lose temper!"Leaf is maple is to smile for a while, very quick of say to Ma Long very seriously."Boon!See you so circumspect must be an important event?You trust of say, the grandfather can,t living your spirit..."Ma Long is also on turning a face, very formally of say to leaf is maple."The grandfather doesn,t need Ting Ting, do they get around for a while?"Leaf is maple again asks a way and saw later on an eye be sat the sofa of living room up, leave not enough one meter of oneself long-distance leave of Li Ting, one silk gentleness with worried to deliver pass by.Li Ting didn,t notice the look in the eyes of leaf is maple, very is interrogatively tory burch on sale ask a way"leaf is maple, you see I stem what?You tory burch shoes say yours, I say ours with cousin, with each other irrelevant!"Leaf is maple smiled to smile and returned to hoping of overdo circumspect Ma Long, continue to whisper a way in mouth"grandfather, do you really make me say here?"Ma Long Leng for a while, immediately ordered to nod, at last answered leaf is maple.Leaf maple wry smile for a while, hope Ma Long later on, respect of say"grandfather, don,t mind me to you chase vein?"Ma Long is this time shocked, foolish Leng two minutes, at took a look a face formally leaf is maple of facial expression, see leaf is maple is being different from is to see fun, while Ma Long is heart is also no longer quiet, thought of" did he know?Or.....?"Leaf is maple looking at Ma Longs that doesn,t talk and once stretched hand to start to pull Ma Long is left hand, get up, and a side just also had already said that Li Ting and Ma Cheng that smiled also walks to the near front, one face is anxious to hope leaf is maple:"Grandfather, grandpa!How?"Openings way while 2 people are having much of tacit understanding.Leaf is maple shook to shake head, the meaning was to don,t bother himself/herself first, continued to have already resumed to come over of Ma Long rise vein...Are past for several minutes!Leaf is maple takes out to return to he or she is hand, on the face some wraths of say to Ma Long"are you eating a pain reliever now?"Suddenly the Ma Long station is started and ordered to nod, there is no message of reply, but deeply sighed tone."You since tory burch shoes have already known your own circumstance, why not and thoroughly cure?"Ma Long still keeps remaining mum, Be just seeing of kindly one eye Li Ting and Ma Cheng, the regret of that silk is in the eye flash across, let Li Ting and Ma Cheng Xin in more uneasy."Grandfather!What is the matter with you?Are you getting sicker?Blare!"Li Ting comes forward a pair of old hands of grasping Ma Long and have muscular spasms of ask a way."Is alas!In fact I also have no the necessity is deceiving you, grandfather three year agos have to liver cancer, and still later period of, be still eating a strong pain reliever now, just had no to so take care of before, seem is also that I see the time of your mother and your grandmother!"Even if the heart is unwilling, Ma Long is also a helpless way.If isn,t own disease, does oneself how can back to keep?People all know to be an officer well, there is a very secure job, but who again know own persecution?The

And for the sake of both parties no longer embarrassed

says.Leaf maple like see idiocy, see one eye Li Ting, in the mind depressed way"do you still use introduction?Body all already.......!Still need to introduce?Idiocy!Hey Hey!However I like!"Immediately after see toward Ma Long, the originally jet black grey hair has been gray and reared the old man really have already been getting older, canned also see an old man once is to how love his/her own nation, how and diligently of develop own nation...."Come from mysterious big interest Anne Ling the deep mountain is a mountain village that is located in the human life unique color view ground, spread is 5,000 calendar histories from the China, charming dashing, handsome and natural and unrestrained.......《Abridge 500 words 》 of...........You like I am leaf is maple that the person appears in public a love flower to see the flower blossoming"standing up of leaf tory burch discount maple perfectly straight before three human faces, later on one face careful of suddenly smiled the introduction way for a while, and for the sake of both parties no longer embarrassed, small smallly opened a fun....Is as early as at the time that leaf is maple took a shower Ma Long has already roughly understood leaf is maple from Ma Cheng Kou and cuts to kill 500 wolves to help a member to a night, an eye frightens to death his/her own two leaf is maples of soldier dogs, the inside of longan horse is also one silk surprise, originally think leaf is maple will very careful introduction he or she, but oneself is unexpectedly anti- drive leaf is maple will one soldier, the introduction once listenned tory burch discount to leaf is maple, the Ma Long San people directly vomit......Faint........Looking at an old urchin to take two grandsons younger generation, that facial expression that vomit, leaf is maple has no language very much,is oneself really so charming?Boon!Should be true...Collect!!Collect!!!The mafia winds and clouds chapter 17 Chien the love of the simple list!Chien the commitment of the simple list!Leaf is maple introduces myself pass by, lead Ma Long this dignity of the old man is also a big bosom to open to smile, probably this is exactly the magic of leaf is maple, special magic power, qualities......"Leaf is maple, sit me, believe that you also want to ask a lot of words, at the right moment I also have a little small matter have to with your company