Friday, December 17, 2010

Were still useful because of the informations of some for rents

very narrow thing to of street, those two sets are surrounded by the small advertisement of ATM then come into view.The reporter sees, these two set Atms on the hospital wall of inclined pond branch in the hospital of Lou Feng of this street northern side, the noodles north is toward the south.The reporter sees, these two the set ATM external appearances have been old old, and the outside doesn,t have general ATM a blocking of familiar outside plank.Is barren to hang on the wall like a boxes drawing, Tiffany Ring the machine has 2 to shoot to be like a head above.With road up some bank ATM ex- withdraw money of person the row rise long the brigade compare with, these two set machines are desolate many.The reporter observed a quarter over there and totally had 3 people to take money, the in the interval still came to 3 to stick small advertised.It Chanel flat ballet shoes gold is thus clear that, the machine is a normal machine, will never abandon.You can use is one thing, dare to use is an another matter.Withdraw money customer:Don,t dare to take large sum of money here"I at allied plentiful buy thing, money is getting notter enough, come over to take some money."A female kid who just finished taking money tells a reporter, " large sum of money can,t Chanel Camellia flats black take here.The person is too many, too miscellaneous.The back is that lead a way and have no a sense of security too much."For these stick full wall of small advertisement, this female kid said, oneself generally Chanel satin flats shoes would see two eyes, were still useful because of the informations of some for rents.And a person who is pasting up a small advertisement then tell a reporter, he of so sticks an advertisement in this place, is because of see "the other people also stick here".Supervisor is section:BE beginning to add for ATM to block plankExpose to the net friends, postal service savings bank in Suzhou is responsible for the Qi director of outdoor ATM to tell a reporter, bank be responsible for bank the net order of ATM, and be responsible for ordering to the net outside ATM to add Chao.The net orders outside ATM, is then resisted the silver company office in Suzhou by Guangzhou to be responsible for a maintenance.Later on, the reporter again contact ascended to resist the silver company office in Suzhou.Introduce according to the office maintenance is engineer Mr. Zhuo, they have already entered upon to handle this matter currently."Withdraw money machine for ATM to plus to block plank, do two light boxes.Presumably so after, small advertisement can,t stick full ATM surroundings".For the small advertisement, Jimmy Choo Open-Toe satin pump black Mr. Zhuo means it is also very helpless."We and the square administrator once negotiated,

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