Friday, December 17, 2010

Before performing

third party be be a cow, incredibly want to arrange team of work a wife who share the other people.Do you have no wife by yourself?If other people thus say with you, will you not agree?After people Jing is education, pay some ashamedly lowly head.Zhang Nan Zhi Hui fights(Responsibility editor:Yellow sea)This particularly recruits a young girl to enter a theater to be engaged in Yin Hui performance to the husband and wife really shameless song and dance regimentIn Super Bowl Jerseys order to reap staggering profits, young husband and wife after the set sets up song and dance regiment, make use of the art performance as to carry on the performance of Yin Hui in the theater, the result double double gets Xing.Recently, the river Yin court reviews to knot this organization Yin Hui to perform a case and penalize accused by law person, Lyu Mou, imprisonment for a specific term a year and accused person Ju the some imprisonment for a specific term is nine months.Person, Lyu Mou, and husband Jus of accused are some to is all state person of Jiangsu, Lyu Mou a fondness for sang to dance since childhood, set up with husband set after getting married and conducted a song and dance regiment, recruited Na a few young and beautiful again have dance achievement bottom of the girl joins, although the job of husband Ju a certain chief, the program arranges in order, perform contents etc. concretely operate be all been responsible for by Lyu Mou.In September, this year, Lyu Mou is husband and wife arrive at river Yin, is introduced the name of using some well-known art regiment in Henan to arrive some village of river Yin to copy a theater performance by person.Before performing, accused person, Lyu Mou, tells the regiment actress, Zhang Mou, Xu Mou "performance want to open 1:00, expose more and jump Chanel Camellia Slippers Black stimulate 1:00".September 4, 5 days night, while copying theater performance, Lyu Mou leads Zhang Mou, slowly some is performing half-way to carry on the performance of Yin Hui, the spot the audience reach to more than 760 persons, are illegal accrual CNY is 1650 dollars for two days.The court thinks after taking up, the accused person, Lyu Mou, and Ju is some with make money for purpose, organize an actress to carry on the performance of Yin Hui in the public place, two accused person of the behavior all and indeed have already constituted to organize performance of Yin Hui, hence make by law above-mentioned verdict.Zhang Xun Han resides quick Xiao road if Yu(Responsibility editor:Yellow sea)The most simple and crude ATM in history in Suzhou appearsStill brave but not reckless before the most simple and crude ATM machine, of withdraw

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