Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lin Shuang didn

held the hilt of a sword in ice blue to only hold, the look in the eyes became icy cold once again, "and I swear!I want,put out,to you do of, the returning of a hundredfold tory burch on sale is to them!"The youth is tiny tiny on acrossing, the body acrossed in the motor, then several voices for launching ring, the motor in black slowly of disappearance at empty concuss of street......The place that Lin Shuang resides temporarily is a suburban area strange position, have no due to being a suburban area here how much person live, but Lin Shuang lives in a more upscale villa area.Lin Shuang towardsed the electronics door of villa doorway to do a video frequency attestation, the electronics door self-consciously opened and opened mailbox before Lin Shuang enters house, in have the thing that a leather bag packs, but leather bag up write"consignee:Lin Shuang sends a person:X"Lin Shuang didn,t hesitate and took out a leather bag, still kept being full of to don,t understand in the heart, because the person who is called X is exactly to have been providing Lin Shuang with the informant concerning putting out organization and ten saint machines, but never tory burch on sale make Lin Shuang know his/her own true identity.After Pan organized, Lin Shuang was made track for by built-up fieriness to kill, lost built-up asylum, Lin Shuang Zhi can escape road with fighting, but one day, a stranger passes to he is a letter.When Lin Shuang opens that letter, Lin Shuang is getting more shocked, make Lin Shuang have to keep on seeing"Lin Shuang, I know your everything.And I would like to help you."Know own everything?Lin Shuang didn,t believe at that time, but he still kept deciding to continue to keep on seeing, just be saw nether statement, Lin Shuang thoroughly believed the person is immensely resourceful that was called "X"."Lin Shuang, the age is 18 years old, there is own younger brother, Lin Shi, , since the childhood released with younger brother is wood be left to fall street, accidental drive,put out,organization keep and raise, as a cutthroat development, at the age of 15, younger brother is wood released because a task, fall in action, from that time on the personality becomes cold heartless.At at the age of 16 , hear,put out,organize the strongest of ten murdered one of the absolute beings of,butcher islandered oneself is younger brother, cut up rough to make Tory Burch Flats moves, more the class killed,butcher,and replaced ten of absolute being of murderings.At at the age of 17 , and oneself nearby of maid the blue Xin fell in love and intented break out of the organization was organized to discover, sentenced to death blue Xin.And before being 18 years old, being also a month, pay no attention the death that gets a younger brother drive organization can with the arrangement, for making oneself become thoroughly cold

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