Saturday, December 11, 2010

"These are Lin Shuang and the understanding process of of "X"

has no target, but in that moment, Lin Shuang found out a real target.Just believe don,t end."Supplementary package in the envelope is the gift that I send to you, also mean that the sincerity that I cooperate with you hopes that you can match with me, I will contact again yours.-X"See here, Lin Shuang opened the package for taking, but at open of moment, a strong cold idea releases but, what Lin Shuang could tory burch not help shivered for a while, he shockedly and slowly of took out that product from the package.Unexpectedly is a hilt of a sword, only have hilt of a sword but have no sword body, even if is to in brief hold, Lin Shuang can feel in the sword deeply the in fine threads cold idea of , the package inside still takes a small"this is that I send one your gift, the only a saint machine collected by me,ice Tory Burch Slippers soul evil sword,, hope that you can like."These are Lin Shuang and the understanding process of of "X", Lin Shuang thoughts of each time ability all from in smell one silk not in the right, always feel to seem"X" has what other purposes is making use of himself/herself.Just as long as canning save a younger brother, which afraid is killed him again no harm?Lin Shuang takes a leather bag and pays by card into own villa, in fact in spite of proceed from what purpose, "X" is really helping Lin Shuang with all strength now, Lin Shuang in spite of arrive where, will help Lin Shuang to arrange in advance delicious live, but this villa is exactly "X".Lin Shuang after entering the house quickly walks to own room, opened the computer of table.After the computer switched on, Lin Shuang received a thing of similar electricity gun computer tory burch shoes up, wait until to give or get an electric shock a gun really after switching on electricity, Lin Shuang takes an electricity gun to toward the leather bag that"X" mails and lightly shot for a while, hear "beep" of a , the of the leather bag unexpectedly opened."X" gives for prevent°froming mailing to reveal for Lin Shuang is mail Lin Shuang is leather bag on the 1 F special lock, if need not this method can not open a document through a , but if want to be strong line of to open, will touch to run into to conceal in the leather bag of organization, all documents will immediately be destroyed.So this kind of corresponds by letter a means absolute safety.Lin Shuang is from the leather bag slowly of took out thing, the inside is a CD and a heap of data, there is unexpectedly also ID card.Lin Shuang Zhou the eyebrows looking at these things, he inserted the CD to a computer and led a short while to read the interface of CD to appear an interface that inputs a

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