Friday, December 3, 2010

T notice the look in the eyes of leaf is maple

measure for a while..!"Cachinnation later on of Ma Long, resumed the dignity in the past days, was just the smile that that head quarter pays no attention for a while, explain the old man is heart, at least really happy at this time."Boon!"Leaf is maple ordered to nod, sat to nearby, Ma Long didn,t directly ask oneself inquisitive question, a silk smile hangs by the side of the mouth, Ma Long hope to still reveal delight, respect of ask a way" grandfather!I call like this you, you don,t mind?""Do not mind!Am I still very happy?The white picks up a daughter is grandson and also has so real strenght, am I still happy too late?Is how can angry?"Ma Long is very happy, the way of Rang Rang of horselaugh."That I have a little an affair to want to ask a grandfather, you don,t want not love to listen to, also not want to lose temper!"Leaf is maple is to smile for a while, very quick of say to Ma Long very seriously."Boon!See you so circumspect must be an important event?You trust of say, the grandfather can,t living your spirit..."Ma Long is also on turning a face, very formally of say to leaf is maple."The grandfather doesn,t need Ting Ting, do they get around for a while?"Leaf is maple again asks a way and saw later on an eye be sat the sofa of living room up, leave not enough one meter of oneself long-distance leave of Li Ting, one silk gentleness with worried to deliver pass by.Li Ting didn,t notice the look in the eyes of leaf is maple, very is interrogatively tory burch on sale ask a way"leaf is maple, you see I stem what?You tory burch shoes say yours, I say ours with cousin, with each other irrelevant!"Leaf is maple smiled to smile and returned to hoping of overdo circumspect Ma Long, continue to whisper a way in mouth"grandfather, do you really make me say here?"Ma Long Leng for a while, immediately ordered to nod, at last answered leaf is maple.Leaf maple wry smile for a while, hope Ma Long later on, respect of say"grandfather, don,t mind me to you chase vein?"Ma Long is this time shocked, foolish Leng two minutes, at took a look a face formally leaf is maple of facial expression, see leaf is maple is being different from is to see fun, while Ma Long is heart is also no longer quiet, thought of" did he know?Or.....?"Leaf is maple looking at Ma Longs that doesn,t talk and once stretched hand to start to pull Ma Long is left hand, get up, and a side just also had already said that Li Ting and Ma Cheng that smiled also walks to the near front, one face is anxious to hope leaf is maple:"Grandfather, grandpa!How?"Openings way while 2 people are having much of tacit understanding.Leaf is maple shook to shake head, the meaning was to don,t bother himself/herself first, continued to have already resumed to come over of Ma Long rise vein...Are past for several minutes!Leaf is maple takes out to return to he or she is hand, on the face some wraths of say to Ma Long"are you eating a pain reliever now?"Suddenly the Ma Long station is started and ordered to nod, there is no message of reply, but deeply sighed tone."You since tory burch shoes have already known your own circumstance, why not and thoroughly cure?"Ma Long still keeps remaining mum, Be just seeing of kindly one eye Li Ting and Ma Cheng, the regret of that silk is in the eye flash across, let Li Ting and Ma Cheng Xin in more uneasy."Grandfather!What is the matter with you?Are you getting sicker?Blare!"Li Ting comes forward a pair of old hands of grasping Ma Long and have muscular spasms of ask a way."Is alas!In fact I also have no the necessity is deceiving you, grandfather three year agos have to liver cancer, and still later period of, be still eating a strong pain reliever now, just had no to so take care of before, seem is also that I see the time of your mother and your grandmother!"Even if the heart is unwilling, Ma Long is also a helpless way.If isn,t own disease, does oneself how can back to keep?People all know to be an officer well, there is a very secure job, but who again know own persecution?The

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