Wednesday, December 15, 2010

36027963******"Not Kui is six class demon monster

expects real strenght!!""Two turn to unite as one!"Lin Yang chases the third, the second spirit vein again break out, pubic region leaves to burnablely work properly to blaze like fire."!"The fire Zong can not avoid being seen at all, the whole huge body is vacillating in the sky, basically Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes can,t see Lin Yang is figure, sees fire Zong continuously along with,Peng Peng,voice a segment per segment dynasty the sky ascension, jimmy choo sale finally at thousand meters go to Gao of the sky dropped down and hit an of grounds 100 meter deep big pit, lie at underneath painful of struggle, then cut up rough to fly toward Lin Yang.The fire Zong starts to burn crary flame all over, it double the eye burst out strong intention to murder.A spool of chapter 40 accepts a fire ZongExchanges:36027963******"Not Kui is six class demon monster, just I that several boxings perhaps don,t descend to turn a baby to expect real strenght and have never thought to just bring a little injury to its body!"Lin Yang faces the fire Zong of whole body combustion bright fire, he just completely knows five classes at the moment with six class demon the difference of the monster.Distance, the Hong celebrates quilt Lin Yang uncanny attack completely shock, dark way in heart:"Unexpectedly Lin Yang is real strenght conceals so deeply and expect to be strong after moving is turning of a Class the baby with Kun at least!"The surroundings one touches eyes shocking, continuously come out dust from the ruins, make up the whole of sky.The fire Zong body slowly narrows and about arrives the half of original physical volume and have a liking for go to or still need to strengthen than the fierce tiger some, fire Zong red skin as if the jade sort is smooth, it is small and soft to stare at Lin Yang Dao:"This person speed is too quick, the true fire can not deal with him, the real strenght is again strong, too damned, seem only recruit with that!"The fire Zong calms down quiet afloat in the sky, slowly open a mouth, black strength moment jet, form huge eddy-like in shape, Tiffany Jewellery Lin Yang of Ling Li is in mid air suddenly drive black whirlpool overlay, Lin Yang facial expression abnormality Jimmy Choo Sandals shocked, because he discovers surrounding space being completely overalied by the black whirlpool, pen him completely in the whirlpool."Shout!"A true fire is from the fire Zong jet in the mouth, don,t stop to revolve to make a pounce upon Lin Yang in the black whirlpool."If be shot and then bother!"Lin Yang shoots whole jimmy choo shoes body strength at 1:00, can not escape from from the black whirlpool, urgently and every moment, Lin Yang had to chase true fire puppet evocable, block in front of the body."Bomb!"All true fires are completely inhaled body by the true fire puppet inside, Lin Yang has narrow escape from death on the whole and immediately takes out Long Xiang Jian and flies to go out from the black whirlpool among them and immediately true dollar all infusions, the true fire puppet also in a twinkling disappeared.The fire Zong flutters brain bag:"He unexpectedly has the magic weapon the true fire that can absorb me!"Lin Yang lays up Long Xiang Jian, this it is thus clear that, the soul dint slowly spreads out, six stars fly knife brilliant but, together brush ground to fly toward fire Zong."Lin Yang incredibly has six in the article work properly a machine!!"Hide in the Hong of dark place to celebrate to peep out a shocked Tiffany Jewelry facial expression.For be like him thus of fix true to say, almost can own low grade to work properly a machine and hardly have medium the article Jimmy Choo H&M work properly a machine, can Lin Yang unexpectedly have six in the article work properly a machine!"Bomb!!!"Empty vulture skill the moment make a show of in the marvellous sky.The fire Zong is completely flown knife by six stars to tie up, it is frightened to avoid to fly knife, after all fly knife is medium the article work properly a machine, it though six Jimmy Choo Pumps class demon monster, but don,t dare as well to easily use body to fly knife to bang.Then, make the fire Zong completely has never thought of BE, six stars flying knife unexpectedly can not make him easily jimmy choo move and seem someone is controling them, accurate intercept and carry on an attack, the fire Zong has no way to release true fire in the so short moment and fly knife speed

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