Friday, December 3, 2010

And for the sake of both parties no longer embarrassed

says.Leaf maple like see idiocy, see one eye Li Ting, in the mind depressed way"do you still use introduction?Body all already.......!Still need to introduce?Idiocy!Hey Hey!However I like!"Immediately after see toward Ma Long, the originally jet black grey hair has been gray and reared the old man really have already been getting older, canned also see an old man once is to how love his/her own nation, how and diligently of develop own nation...."Come from mysterious big interest Anne Ling the deep mountain is a mountain village that is located in the human life unique color view ground, spread is 5,000 calendar histories from the China, charming dashing, handsome and natural and unrestrained.......《Abridge 500 words 》 of...........You like I am leaf is maple that the person appears in public a love flower to see the flower blossoming"standing up of leaf tory burch discount maple perfectly straight before three human faces, later on one face careful of suddenly smiled the introduction way for a while, and for the sake of both parties no longer embarrassed, small smallly opened a fun....Is as early as at the time that leaf is maple took a shower Ma Long has already roughly understood leaf is maple from Ma Cheng Kou and cuts to kill 500 wolves to help a member to a night, an eye frightens to death his/her own two leaf is maples of soldier dogs, the inside of longan horse is also one silk surprise, originally think leaf is maple will very careful introduction he or she, but oneself is unexpectedly anti- drive leaf is maple will one soldier, the introduction once listenned tory burch discount to leaf is maple, the Ma Long San people directly vomit......Faint........Looking at an old urchin to take two grandsons younger generation, that facial expression that vomit, leaf is maple has no language very much,is oneself really so charming?Boon!Should be true...Collect!!Collect!!!The mafia winds and clouds chapter 17 Chien the love of the simple list!Chien the commitment of the simple list!Leaf is maple introduces myself pass by, lead Ma Long this dignity of the old man is also a big bosom to open to smile, probably this is exactly the magic of leaf is maple, special magic power, qualities......"Leaf is maple, sit me, believe that you also want to ask a lot of words, at the right moment I also have a little small matter have to with your company

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