Friday, December 17, 2010

Very quick acquainted with with the colleague of new unit

whether science and whether should establish the problem of decelerating the marking in the turn, people Jing means that the feedback carries on an investigation for related section.>>Return to putHalf Chanel Shoes month previous"inebriate Audi" falls to riverOn the dawn of November 30, the sea Dian area thistle bridge bridge in the door north, on these grounds time matter hair the ground is several ten meters distance, an Audi A6 sedanses that follows college road to drive, prepare up the bridge bump to break a safety barrier to"fly" into small month river.After going into water, 3 people inside the car immediately flee for life and climb to a car crest to wait for rescue.The fire fight member breaks a river bank railing to dismantle and installs horizontal steps to save 3 people to go ashore.Through examination, the driver belongs to drunk with wine motoring.(Is detailed to see origin to report to eyewitness a version Manolo Blahnik Diamond Clasp Satin Pumps on December 1)(Responsibility editor:Ma Tao )"Negotiation" to share other people is wife to encounter to refuse to unexpectedly report to the police to ask for helpThe man who works in the gold altar pays some clearly is a third party to gain a place, but he incredibly reason keep spirit strong the ground request weekly and share for other people is wife is two Cheap NFL Jerseys dayseses.The other party doesn,t promise, he unexpectedly dares to also make a phone call to report to the police.Pay some is person Chanel white patent leather shoes in Anhui, have been doing a part-time job in the gold altar, have been 40 years old this year, get married for several years, there is also a 15-year-old son.But pay some nothing important culture, also have no a skill, can depend Tiffany Jewelry to beat short work to make a living.This May, he changed an unit again and went to work in a chemical engineering factory.Because his mouth is very sweet, again a good talker, very quick acquainted with with the colleague of new unit.In the new unit, with pay some talk most of come of is Wang Mou.Wang Mou age with pay some about old, is also person in Anhui, although is silent,BE honest, 2 people still have a common fondness for, be like to drink to order small wine every day.2 people seek a small hotel lane to order small wine after usually getting off work.Every time drinks, Wang Mou greatly tells hard water, although oneself is wife is very able, be don,t like him Salvatore Ferragamo silent personality, always loudly appeal to the public to him in the home small call of, and still always be the kid is noodles teach him and let him have no face very much.Pay some in addition to comforting him, also greatly talk to ownly control the wife of way.Wang Mou requests that paying is some to do cuckoldry to think to

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