Monday, December 6, 2010

Seemed to predict pensively what affair of occurrence

Is a spool of:City love fate chapter 1:The Dian of Mount TaishanPS:"Read necessarily see before the book:Someone says anterior chapter leading role too woman, particularly hopes to still need to hint for a while, according to the circumstance, traversed breeze to just descend mountain, have some kids, temperament naturally, this is very normal, otherwise not ability outstanding behind of growth process.Behind of Ling Feng not at indecisive, more is impetuous.Hope everyones support much and more, behind of you will definitely like of, believe You Xi, remember that the fresh flowers sends up!"The Dian of Mount Taishan, the front-line first sun rays in the morning becomes to°from the dark ash thin Huang and becomes to°from thin Huang orange and red again.But cloud of the sky, red and purple hand over Hui, volatile, cover with the boundless sea of clouds of roseate clouds and the horizon to merge into an integral whole, as if huge the oil painting is from the sky but decline.Float the sea surface of magnificent gold up, the day round uncovered cloud act and lifted a Xia debt and was covered with multicolored secondary rainbow clothes, the elephant was a palace lantern for drifting, gradually rose in the horizon, in a moment, golden light four shoot, the group of mountain peaks to the utmost dyes, once the Zha see, a gold Long Heng Be empty to start to float, but that on, stand erect a youth of determination, but see his double the eyes close tightly, a white dress is in the breeze shout to make ring.One person is one dragon imitates the world that the Buddha has already generally existed, and then imitates a Buddha from creation of the world thou of dish to see a myth of the abyss of time.In the passage, time is the sky of the gorgeous Xia gradually illuminated the earth.Youth double the eyes Be tiny to open, in the Mou bloom a Jing long grass continuously, Be tended to equanimity later on, imitate if a Wang is calm of lake water, more if that precipitate for thousand years of lonesome.He isn,t other people, exactly Chen Xing is son Chen Ling Feng, 20 year agos are taken too much without the regrets teacher of infant, also grow up at present of thus high big handsome."Breeze son, it is time to have a meal!"The Dian of Mount Taishan spreads one to call inside a long history ancient An."Teacher, I came!"Chen Ling Feng hears, tiny tiny on smiling, that imitates in the look in the eyes if quiet lake water concusses one in fine threads ripples."Absolute being dragon, you return to!"Chen Ling Feng from number Zhang of the air leap but descend and also bear in mind constantly of to that golden of the absolute being order dragon is way:"Remember the secret that don,t forget to tell me that you promised me yesterday!"That absolute being Long Fang Fo can understand an ordering of sort to nod and disappear over there ten thousand later on Zhang Xia light in."Absolute being dragon really hopes that you can bring me some surprise!"The youth forgets ten thousand Zhang Xias of horizon only the Rang Rang from the language."Breeze son, how do you Tory Burch Peep Toes still don,t come back!"The voice in the An again presses that thou."Come!"Chen Ling Feng towardsed horizon to expose from love of smiling face, the disappearance is at first later on.The time that again appears is already a thou An inside.Inside the thou An, two Taoist priestesses have already sat upright before table and put a few fine vegetarian dish on the table and look delicious tasty, don,t say, only these vegetableses have already let Chen Ling Feng from the language:Delicious good dinner."Hey Hey, teacher, how?My effort has been already made progress?"Chen Ling Feng is towarding has already sat upright before table of two Taoist priestess Hey Hey a smile."Smelly boy, the effort is to make progress, but the temperament didn,t make progress and got angry for teacher really doing not know being shoulding be happy still the!"The age largish Taoist priestess comforts of say with smile, she call without the regrets teacher too, 20 year agos, Chen Xing entrusts Chen Ling Feng in her.The in a flash of time, if the time is in a split second, like the first for 20 years, the in the moment handsome youth is exactly the infant of 20 year agos."Teacher, you how to say Tu son like this, the temperament is to whet to do out!Who let teacher you are so painful I!"Chen Ling Feng Xi says with a smile and stretches hand and then starts to grasp the small vegetables in the disc to go toward to put to go in mouth, the side eats to return the side Rang Rang:"Is alas, the teacher does of vegetables be delicious.Whole life I the vegetables of non- teacher don,t eat!"Without regrets teacher too one Leng, the complexion is tiny tiny on changing, quickly say:"Silly kid, delicious eat more point!"The Taoist priestess that"to to, eat more point, hereafter perhaps ……" hasn,t been opening mouth say, to the utmost don,t give up in the look in the eyes."E ……what mean?"Chen Ling Feng swallowed to swallow saliva to ask a way.Seemed to predict pensively what affair of occurrence."Silly kid, nothing important matter.Eat vegetables quickly!"Without regrets teacher too facial expression a panic, saying of haste."!"Chen Ling Feng is eyebrows tightly and wrinkly in response to the way.But, mental but always feel very strange, how were today is two teachers ?The heart is very strange, but hand and mouth the slightest didn,t stop over and destroyed breeze to sweep defoliation, the meal on the table soon drive he a sweep but light."Teacher tells you the good news!"Chen Ling Feng put on to put on mouth and said with smile:"My male Sun Jian is table has already broken the fifth to weigh today!""Breeze son really feels joy for you for teacher!"Without regrets teacher too the facial expression smiled to smile.Towarded Chen Ling Feng to recruit to beckon with the hand, said:"The breeze son comes over, sits a teacher flank and says for teacher hasing words to you!""Good!"Chen Ling Feng is a jump up to sit to without regrets teacher too of a side."Breeze son, do you know what day today is?"Smiles too much without the regrets teacher of say."Today?"Chen Ling Feng is one Leng was small and soft to think along while, helplessly shook head a way:"Teacher, the Tu son doesn,t know!""Yes, you really don,t know, time in a flash 20 years.20 today year agoses you are still a newborn kid, but at present, have already suddenly been an adult.Teacher I ……I ……"teacher too say to say, eyes inside tears was full of eye socket."Teacher, what is the matter with you?How to cry!"Chen Ling Feng is one Leng hasn,t seen the teacher once cry, being exactly how today?Quickly favour the teacher wipe to fix attention on tears."Have no ……Be free, for teacher I am happy.Unexpectedly tory burch discount our breeze sons were so greatly unexpectedly long!"Wipe to fix attention on tears too much without the regrets teacher, happily say:"The breeze son is like this this sort age, but has capability, it is really happy to is a teacher!""Teacher, do you exactly want to say what?"The hasty way of Chen Ling Feng.He always feels teacher the words today seems ……"Breeze son, it has been 20 years since you climbed mountain and accompany to spend 20 sad yearses for teacher.Is really difficult you!"The words that has no direct answer Chen Ling Feng too much without the regrets teacher, she comfort of took a look Chen Ling Feng, continue to say:"20 year agos, you are still a newborn kid ah, alas ……""Teacher, Tu son originally have no the father have no mother, teacher bring up I 20 years just call pain."Chen Ling Feng appreciates of make reference to, thought of oneself have no the father have no mother and only brought up for his/her own 20 years with the teacher, which

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