Saturday, December 11, 2010

After hanging a telephone

eyes to looking at me..Because you aren,t basically understand what be called despair.."Lin Shuang was towarded to big Peng to speak such a words chillily, seemed to he says of, and then seem to say to oneself.Finish saying, Lin Shuang once turned round to slowly leave confusing bar, left to still squat tory burch sale down to sit on the ground of at the big Peng.Hope that Azrael to slowly leave, still dare not believe at the big Peng of looking at his/her own body..I lived down!I live down, "I unexpectedly live down!Ha ha ha!"The dreary confusing bar is all ruins that fights behind everywhere at the moment, leaving crary laughter is at the big Peng........Lin Shuang turned round to walk into a beard after lifting the trunk of USD 50,000,000 leave confusing bar inside together, but in the beard together in is stopping a motorcycle, black of carriage and youth of the black attire so mutually Chen, Lin Shuang put the leather suitcase to motorcycle carriage after of the rear seat fix like.Then took out a cellular phone from the pocket.Dialed a number.Being different will connect and spread a voice for once handling from the another part of telephone, that voice is an electronics voice, can not judge men and women at all."Ice soul how Azrael, did the thing get hold of?"Ice soul Azrael, Lin Shuang once still kept putting out the time of organizing the cutthroat the code called by other people, described Lin Shuang of cold heartless, heard asking of the other party words, Lin Shuang answered a way chillily:"Boon, the thing got hold of, but was false."The Lin Shuang is answer simple and direct Jing does, "."The answer that hears Lin Shuang in front imitates a Buddha to have no the slightest of accident, then say:"It doesn,t matter, original ten saint machines be not so easily find out, is falsely also normal, you don,t also so lose, to I again arrived lately news concerning saint machine and had already faxed to you, you went home and saw, change place."Lin Shuang just in brief of a , then then buttonned up a telephone, after hanging a telephone, Lin Shuang looked up at sky to deeply sigh tone, but this time, Ling Tian took out that from the pocket false of the jade box of "transmigration of soul jade", looking at that, in Ling Tian is look in the eyes unexpectedly and deeply in fine threads gentleness, if just saw a youth will have at the big Peng thus gentle and soft look in the eyes absolutely can,t believe.Lin Shuang looking at the jade box in the hand and mutters a way:"Younger brother, blue Xin, I will definitely find out transmigration of soul jade, then let you bring to life of, believe me."Make reference to here, Lin Shuang

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