Friday, December 17, 2010

"Have not talked well

want to work for him.Pay some generous promise.A period of time after, Wang Mou discovers a wife indeed as expected have a change to his attitude.For this, Wang Mou still especially the idea please pay some drink wine to mean a with gratitude.But a period of time after, Wang Mou discovers not in the right, pay some always hide him.The wife never delivers a message, now but take to begin a machine hair message every day, and still absolute being mysterious Mi of.A day evening, time multiply by wife is inattention, Wang Mou browsed a cuckoldry cellular phone, discovered inside all is with pay a some chat message, 2 people incredibly call each other by"husband", "wife" in the message.Wang Mou of the honesty annoys not to beat a , fight with wife.How does Wang Mou probably helplessly looking at other people to Tiffany Money Clip cuckold son for he or she.He immediately found out to pay again Cheap Christian Louboutin Shoes some.Pay some pour is generous to admit this affair, but is the wife of different idea and Wang Mou to rupture a relation and also to push the responsibility to Wang Mou is wife, say is she by herself would like to of, didn,t relate to with him.Wang Mou hates he or she is bring in dangerous foe.Later on, pay some incredibly and impartially make a phone call wife who seek Wang Mou, 2 people are Wang Mou is noodles to together pass in and out and basically take no cognizance Wang Mou is existence, Manolo Blahnik Wedding Shoes unit inside is also discussion in succession.Wang Mou really had no Zhe and had to pass mother-in-law to work.Pay a some wife under persuading of person in the home, finally mean and pay some rupture a relation.On the afternoon of December 12, Wang Mou takes a wife in a small hotel in the impregnable city town and pays some negotiation, request that paying is immediately some be over heel his cuckoldry to falsely is a relation.Pay some see Wang Mou is wife is on the side don,t talk language not, right away put forward:Rupturing the relation is impossible, Christian Louboutin Sandals but can promise hereafter don,t show off in the outside, however, Saturday and Sunday weekly, he has to want with foolish Wang Mou is wife together.Wang Mou Yi listenned to to fire and pulled a wife to walk and paid an a certain live their Ye:"Have not talked well, forbid to walk."2 people immediately pulled Chanel Black Leather Ankle Boots and dragged.Pay some be pushed over on the ground by Wang Mou, pay some immediately picked up a cellular phone to report to the police:"I not heel your useless talk, I make the police come to teach you."Pay some at arrive after hearing the news of people the Jing in front greatly tell hard water and said to be beaten.But after understanding, people Jing is in distress situation: you this

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