Friday, December 17, 2010

"Someone pays attention to function

moneySuzhou is most simple Chanel satin flats shoes and crude ATM appearsThe light is bald to inset on the wall, there is no protection of measure, around Football Jerseys stick a full small advertisementYin snow Chuan Zhang Fa Xue, Ma Yi,In the ordinary people is eyes, the bank nature is a rich place, the bank equipments affirms Manolo Blahnik Diamond Football Jerseys Clasp Satin Pumps also more beautiful run a time.However, recently on some forum in Suzhou, a net friend stuck a few photographs, in the appearance, two set broken-down ATM(cash dispenser) be surrounded by the small advertisement, only and baldly inset on the wall, there is no protection measure, have a liking for to seem to be already to abandon.However, the hair is person said, the ATM still just in the use, be been called "the most simple and crude ATM machine in history in Suzhou" by the drama, net friend said, "see the wall that will vomit money for the first time"!The net friend delivers:ATM is inseting on the wall is surrounded by the small advertisementHair"the extension of Mou son" of person-net friend said, this ATM that is exposed was me personally see, can withdraw money, be located in some town in industrial park in Suzhou.In, the net friend still stuck two photographs, an among those pieces photograph up can clearly see two set Atms, however looking is very old old, and outside have no protection equipments, only and baldly inset in the wall, operation on the stage dirty vestige dust one, and on all sides sticking of ATM is full to is small to advertise.From the appearance, can see, these two MLB Jerseys set Atms belong to postal service Chanel black patent leather shoes in Suzhou to save.To this, still the net friend doubts these two set Atms to abandon in succession.Net Giuseppe Zanotti friend"Yao Ming is Yao" means Alexander Mcqueen that"ATM like this, and does someone dare Jimmy Choo Snakeskin Platform Slingback Silver to take money in the top?"Someone pays attention to function, the net friend pays attention to image.Net friend"the contented blessing adds blessing" mean, so ugly and dirty image, influence image in the city of Suzhou very much.Restore the spot:Although is very shabby really can also take moneyThe clues that provides according to the net Tiffany UK friend, the Jimmy Choo Snakeskin Platform Slingback Silver reporter is industrial park Lou Feng in Suzhou allied plentiful business square got off yesterday, all the way see, in addition to the crowd of Yves Saint Laurent Platform Pump the Xi Xi Rang Rang was closely a small advertisement.On Lanvin Shoes the wall, road noodles up, electric wire Gang up, male hand over to stand card up, male hand over the Tiffany Canada light box of standing the card advertisement up, eyes of and whole is small Louis Vuitton Shoes to advertise.The reporter goes east 200 meters, again along the lotus Feng road has been going north 200 meters is uniting an of plentiful square and inclined pond branch in the hospital of Lou Feng, is a

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